2015-2016 Update

This initiative effort for the 2016 Ballot has taken off on the back of great polling results.  Having the final ballot language in hand, we had an official statewide poll performed to see what Oregonians really think of this proposed measure and the terms of the measure.  This statistically significant poll of Oregon voters showed the following results:

Voters would say YES to this measure by a three-to-one ratio! In other words, voters favor local County Control of lottery revenues by a three-to-one ratio.

​* Voters liked the idea of lottery proceeds being distributed to Counties based on lottery sales from each County (instead of by the State Legislature) by a margin of about 2.5 to 1 !

​* Voters trust their local County Commissioners to distribute net profits from the Oregon Lottery system (rather than the State Legislature) by a margin of 2.2 to 1 !

* The highest priority public funding needs across the state are Public Education, Public Safety, and Economic Development!

* Every major region of Oregon was in favor of this measure!

This means Oregon voters fully support this measure and all the main terms of the measure!


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Oregon Lottery Local Control Act

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