The needs and priorities vary from County to County and this Act provides a higher degree of financial flexibility in each Oregon County.

Based on money distributed by the Oregon Lottery in Fiscal 2013, of the 50% that would go to each County, each County gets an equal share of 10% of those funds (approximately $737,000 per year to each County) and 90% of this distribution to the Counties would be based on the lottery sales in each County.  The Oregon Lottery distributed more than $530 million in profits during Fiscal Year 2013, which is similar to the amount distributed in the previous year.  Sales and profits increased nicely in FY2014 and FY2015, so the following amounts are a conservative view of what each County will receive annually under the Act.  Lottery sales and profits are fairly consistent each year and based on this conservative view of what is likely to continue with lottery profits, the Counties will receive the following estimated minimum annual distributions under the Oregon Lottery Local Control Act:

The Above is just the 50%, the other 50% stays the same!

Keep in mind that in addition to the estimated 50% County distributions above, 18% would still go to Schools across the State (in all Counties), 15% to Parks and Natural Resource needs across the State, and 17% as decided by the State Legislature.  Again, this act merely provides greater flexibility to address the individual needs in Counties across Oregon and is a win for all Counties in Oregon by restoring more local control and distributing the Lottery's profits fairly.  Dollars coming back to each County would be more based on dollars paid in by each County.  Our Community, Our Choice!

You may ask, how would my County be impacted?

The Oregon Lottery each year has annual net income between $500 million and $600 million per year that it distributes mostly at the discretion of the State Legislature.  This act would take the Legislature's discretion from 67% of the lottery income to 17% of the income.  After the Act passes 50% of the income would be distributed by each County for public education, economic development, public safety, or restoring/protecting parks, beaches, and watersheds.  As it is today, existing laws would still require a minimum of 18% to Public Education and 15% to Parks and Natural Resources.

Oregon Lottery Local Control Act

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