Oregon Lottery Local Control Act

      Oregon State Citizens' Initiative for 2016

Chief Petitioners:

  • Cliff Thomason, Josephine County Businessman
  • Duane Fletchall, retired sergeant, Marion County
  • Wayne Simmons, Polk County Farmer

The Oregon State Lottery Can Do Better Things... 

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About The Lottery Local Control Act

Different counties in Oregon have different needs, but we all need Public Education, Public Safety, healthy economic environments, and recreational activities. This gives each County its choice of what is needed most without further restricting the current percentage allocation of Oregon Lottery dollars.  This Act also helps the funding formula to become more equitable from County to County.  It's simple - net proceeds would be shared based on the lottery sales in each County.  The more a County pays in, the more it gets back.

In fact, this Oregon Constitutional amendment would allow even greater flexibility and more public input than exists today.  Each County would be able to choose how to spend 50% of the net proceeds and generally speaking the dollars can be used for any major local school or local government need.  Public Education and Public Safety are the primary duties of State and Local Government in Oregon and this lets each County define the highest priorities for these dollars.  This Act would not take any dollars away from Public Education or any other current funding requirement such as the State Parks.  In fact, after passing up to 85% of all Lottery net proceeds could still go to Public Education if that was decided the highest priority by each County and by the State Legislature.  This Act would leave 17% of the lottery dollars as discretionary dollars for the State Legislature and moves 50% into local control in each County (see the Facts & Figures page).  Each County knows best what its greatest needs are from year to year, and priorities and needs can change from year to year.  Each year the Counties can put the funds to where they are needed most.

Local government and local schools know best what the highest priorities are for available funding.  Local control is a win for ALL of Oregon.

Thank you for your interest in making our local dollars in Oregon work better for each of our communities.  To help give Oregonians a chance to vote on this important measure, please click on the E-Petition below and use the instructions on the petition to sign it and mail it to us.  The full measure text is also linked below for your information.